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Tracy Lewis, LCSW - Therapist

I am a licensed clinical social worker. I have worked in a variety of outpatient behavioral health settings that included working with children, adolescents, parents, couples, and adults dealing with mental health and addiction issues. At this time, I primarily work with adults with a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues. I also conduct family and marital sessions that focus on healthy relationship dynamics. I strive to create a safe environment where clients feel comfortable and can address key issues to bring about healthy changes. My professional education includes a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Providence College and a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut.

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Stacey Hansen, LMFT - Therapist

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist providing individual, couples, and family therapy with adult clients. Clients will often see me to address issues such as depressive symptoms, anxiety, and trauma. Throughout my career, I have worked in a variety of settings which include outpatient, inpatient, and emergency mobile psychiatric services. This experience has allowed me to work with clients of different ages, cultures, and life experiences. My therapeutic approach is collaborative and strengths based, which utilizes the strengths you already posses to create change. My goal is to provide a supportive, judgment-free environment where healing can take place. I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Elon University and my Master's degree in Marital and Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University.

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Holly Monroe, LMFT - Therapist

Holly Monroe, MS, LMFT has over ten years of experience working in the behavioral health field. Holly began her career in 2007 after obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Saint Joseph. With a strong mastery of, and certification in Brief Strategic Family Therapy and Multisystemic Family Therapy during her tenure at Wheeler Clinic and Community Solutions, Holly has extensive hands on experience in supporting families to solve complex family, relational, parenting, couples issues and addressing high risk child and adolescent behavioral problems.
Throughout her career she has worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in both outpatient and in home settings. Her background also includes significant experience collaborating with community providers including physicians and schools to ensure quality care for all clients.
Experience, caring and support are qualities Holly will bring to your therapy. Holly believes that we all experience challenges throughout life and sometimes we need the support of others who will listen to you and help you put the pieces together.


Jeannie Dilworth, APRN - Prescriber

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William Abrokwa, APRN - Prescriber

I am an APRN with a specialty in psychiatric/mental health. I have over ten years of experience working in the field of behavioral health nursing at different levels of nursing and with diverse populations. I obtained my Master’s in Nursing- FNP and Post-Graduate Certification in PMHNP from Chamberlain University and Frontier Nursing University respectively.

Mental health and addiction have always been my passion. Having lived in two separate countries and cultures, I have come to appreciate the constraints faced by people living with people with mental health conditions. I believe in a holistic, and humane approach to mental health care delivery making clients partners in treatment decisions and direction.

I am currently with the Center for Behavioral Wellness seeing only adults at this time. At Center for Behavioral Wellness, we offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with a supportive environment for successful recovery, psychotherapy services, and client-based medication management

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Khushboo Surti, MSN, APRN, PMHNP

I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) with 2+ years of experience. I graduated from University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT in May 2020 with "summa cum laude" and "Florence Nightingale Nursing Award". I see clients from 18+ for the diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of mental illnesses. I prescribe and manage medications both in person and via telehealth. Initial appointment is required to be an in-person meeting.

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